Let's Talk:When Is the right time?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good Morning,Afternoon,Evening,Night- wherever you are!,It's morning here though and i was this close to not posting today.I've been having one of those moody episodes and i think it's ok if i don't let it get the best of me.I'm human and i definitely look forward to a fulfilling life,one where i choose how to live on my own terms.So today's post is something i always think of from time to time.If you have ever had a bad experience and you constantly think at that time why it happened,sometimes all you need do is wait till it's in the past and you might just look back and say it really wasn't the right time for me to have that and maybe if i din't loose it my life would not be this way.
I experienced something very horrid in 2013(during my service year),if you know me or served with me you will have an idea.That year was a whirlwind of bad luck and for some reason i look back and think maybe God wanted to open my eyes to something.One thing which is good things happen where there is peace and harmony between all parties involved.My prayer is that i see everything as clear as it should be but i know through it all  i came out alive,wiser and stronger.The best way to move on is think of how it shouldn't have been then.At least that is my coping mechanism and it works.
I was talking to my younger sister and just telling her my worries on an issue and she said if it's the right time it will come without any hitch and if it's not there might be consequences which is true.I have lived  a life where i can say whenever i take my time and let God put things in place for me they work out so smoothly unlike when i push and i'm anxious and impatient it ends up crumbling in my face.It's the one special thing about my husband,he hates to rush and i'm the complete opposite.He says in it's time it will fall into place smoothly and i have experienced it first hand but i just can't seem to take things slow.Thankfully i have someone to keep me in check.So as cliche as it may sound hold on and best believe as long as you've laid it on Him it will come in due time.I definitely don't want to have something i'm not ready for or ready to handle.
I'm not a preacher  but when it comes i'll say it.
Do u believe all things happen in due time and if you don't why ?
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. I believe all things happen at due time provided you make an effort to make it happen. I believe God opens the road for u at the right time and let's you make a move to get what you want and make your choices.

  2. I trust God do it makes it easy for me to believe that things will work for my good... and it'll happen in due time.

  3. Hi! So it's my first time on here yeah.. and i can hit my bonga fish chest and tell you that I can relate to this post of life. You see ehn nne.. If the heavens have taught me anything in this 24 years 15 days of my young and utterly confused existence yeah.. it is that "At the end of everything.. Everything will be alright.. hence if everything is not alright now ehhnn.. Then we are not at the end"

    Plus.. as a Jara eh! The most impoRRant prayer in my life of recent times has been the "Let thy will be done Lord" own.. cause no maRRa how hard we try.. or our many many gra gra as humans... It only GOD'S will that can really be done. **Adjusts Pastor Suit :)

    Oshey Turn uP! This was a ghen ghen read eh Bubba.. Omo mehhnn! Eezz not a joking sturvzz eh! ya a cooler than Ice kinda Someborry! :) Cheers.

    1. Thank u brother!! This made my day :-). Bless u!!

    2. Thank u brother!! This made my day :-). Bless u!!


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