LET'S TALK:Are Nigerians purposely doing this or are they just ignorant?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

  Hello and Welcome to a new reign!So we have a new president,everybody is now counting down to when the changes will start.Let's hope the seat hurts his bum so much the change will start taking effect asap.So you know what birthed this post?It's piled up irritation from  the things i experience in Nigerian markets,stores and just everywhere..

  I went to a food market to do the usual house stock up and i remembered the handle of my picker(that utensil for picking plantain or chicken from the frying pan)-i hope that's what its called was broken so i decided to look quickly for a place to buy another one because i had been putting it off for a long time.I couldn't find the regular shops that sell kitchen things so i had to settle for the guys that sell in barrows.
This was how our conversation went:
ME: How much?
SELLER: *he told me the price and it was really cheap*
ME:  *About to bring out money from my wallet when i noticed the tips were blunt(why am i buying it if the edges are not sharp?)
I quickly alerted the guy and said "this thing no sharp o"
SELLER: "As you dey use am e go dey sharp"...
Shey na my plantain or chicken wan sharpen am?

At the end of the day i bought it like that,it was better than having nothing to use.

 I have had so many experiences like this where i'm so amazed at what comes out of the mouth of this sellers so my question is do this people believe what they are saying or is it just marketing strategy and if it is then the buyers must look stupid to them,isn't it?
 The funny part is if you start trying to explain why its not so you end up sounding like a PhD.  holder arguing with a nursery school child so why bother?

Alrighty,see you in my next post and don't forget to comment.
Thanks for checking in.
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