LET'S TALK: What "THEY" never tell you about being a mother

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Howdy!!so today's post was supposed to be a little different but thank God the Orekoya boys have been found.It's not an easy thing not knowing the whereabouts of 3 of your children but oh well i wanted to do a mummy type post anyway.
So i am a mother to a little girl who says she wants to be a princess when she grows up*is that a career please?*.She's so obsessed with princesses and fairies but many of them are anyway-the whole magic thing is still so real to them till they grow and find out it's cartoon packaging.She has begun to give me some type of big girl attitude and she's 3+  but nobody told me it will be this tough.
 When my mother talks about raising 4 of us she never highlights the tough parts only the beautiful ones.Well im not the demon for doing this but i will highlight some.lol!
First off i never judge people especially this "oyinbos" who say they don't want kids,i mean kids are beautiful and all,but some people are truthful enough to themselves to know they are not ready to handle them and i think that's better than bringing them in and allowing them suffer the consequences of your unpreparedness.
So the things i never knew..
-The days you sleep soundly because the diaper is in place will end and once they are old enough you will have to get up at night to take them to use the potty.I'm at that point right now and imagine when I oversleep or when she takes lots of fluid during the day..*just imagine.You will use your head to calculate how much fluid taken in should be brought out and when.
-To really teach them or get their hands busy and their minds working always ends up a mess.When we paint at home or do cutouts sometimes we get permanent stains and other times they will try to cut other things but paper,let me not talk about the walls being a writing board.
-Every step you take involves them,you want to buy those shoes you calculate,you want to go on a "baecation" with the hubby you think twice,you want to work you think of who will look after them.
-The worry is out of this world when you think of how they cope in school.Are they being bullied?Are their hands dirty and are they sticking them in their mouths.Is school environment hygienic enough?Its endless.Sometimes i think i hope her food doesn't pour away so she won't have to miss lunch. *SIGH*
Toddlers are capable of driving you crazy when they are in the mood for it.I'm talking constantly,warning,begging..
The labour is the easy part,the upbringing is where all the work is.At the end of the day the hard-work is rewarding  when they turn out responsible and everything God made them out to be.It's ok to be a "momzilla"-i get it but you can also prepare your mind beforehand.It makes it easier.
If you're a mother and you have other points we were never made aware of please leave in the comments section..
Kudos to all the mothers and women who want to be mothers,y'all are superheroes.
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  1. Good one.am a would be mother lol but I ve lots of kids around so I understand a bit of their drama.


  2. Motherhood is a fun and unique experience. I have learnt to laugh, cry, talk and pretend over the years. I have done things I never imagined myself doing and I am still learning to be the best...Enjoy every bit of the experience. http://jaynewhyte.blogspot.com/

  3. Replies
    1. lol that wasn't my intention o but it's ok to be scared,just don't run!

  4. Motherhood hmmm, its quite an experience. I have a one year old daughter, there are a lot of things nobody told me would happen. From the sore breast I got from breastfeeding her to the sleepless nights!. But seriously, its been worth it.. Motherhood is enjoyable by God's grace


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