LET'S TALK: Do you recognize your growth?

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

hi..hello,Happy new month just in case i haven't said that.So it's another LET'S TALK WEDNESDAY..*ding!* Did i just say Wednesday? so I've been testing myself to
see how faithful i will be with posting on Wednesdays and I've done it thrice.I don't know if 3 times is enough to say it will come on Wednesdays but let me do it a while longer before i conclude.
So..im  a big fan of growth like a really big fan.I don't cringe when i look back at some of the things i've done,i smile instead and try to measure up how far I've come and i think it's a pretty good way to
console myself or maybe the word console is wrong.I can't think of a word to use though but I'm sure you get it.Personally i think i take growth that serious no matter how little because i pay attention to details and im thorough that i take note of the tiniest of changes around me.
 Enough about me then,let's talk YOU.The more time you spend recognizing that you've moved a step further from where you were,the more chances you have of reaching that goal you've set out.The people who don't recognize their growth
will never be able keep pushing and how do you succeed if you are not appreciative  of the few steps you've taken forward.
I know that the areas in my life where i recognized growth are the areas I keep moving forward in and those areas i always have negative vibes about and just keep complaining about how slow or how I'm not getting there are the areas that keep on dragging behind simply because i put in more effort worrying
instead of raising the blocks and building.
-Ask yourself what are the things i can do to go a step further
-Am i willing to take a leap or would I rather crawl.(this decision is totally up to you,no one can tell you how fast or how slow you should go)
-Can i take the risk if it fails,if YES-go on you never know.If NO-Go back to your drawing board and restructure your plan.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Thanks for checking in..
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  1. Lovely post Cheechee. I quite relate..a lot.

  2. Go girl! Keep up with the let's talk. I like the way you keep it short, its good and a suggestive way to let ur commenters delibrate, read through and discuss in the comment section

  3. Thanks for the very encouraging post. I love it.it just made me have another epiphany. Sometimes I don't apreicate my work cause I'm too busy worrying people may not like it.but with this post you put up, I'm gonna try to hold that mantra.


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