5 Popular Makeup Products I never bought.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Salut!!how are ya'll doing?hope the week has been popping so far.Hope you had a beautiful Easter too!
So this is a very random post i just thought up one day.You know how you hear people rave about particular beauty/makeup products like they make the world go round?
Honestly,for a makeup lover like me the want/thirst/longthroat/whatever you want to call it is really real.Many times you just know you gatta cut the spending and respect yourself so this is a list of 5 very popular makeup products i never bought and
"may" never buy or if i do it will be for the sake of just owning it/them not like i wouldn't be able to do without it/them. 
1.Original Beauty Blender:so as someone who is most times late to the parade i got my own blender a little later than when it originally started reigning on social media and that's because i kept
calculating and thinking if it was worth dolling out that amount of money for a sponge.
I think its way cheaper now than it was before here in Nigeria but i have 2 soft,succulent and pretty blenders that cost me one third of the price of the original one.
They swell,they are so soft,they are in pretty colours although im thinking of getting a black one so why not.

2.Urban Decay Palettes:Well im not the type that will say i can't spend excessively on makeup because i can.I am just not that impulsive.I think and make sure i don't regret a purchase even though i have still had bad buys but not so many.

This palette everyone and their mamas had or have and i'm still trying to get why.Is it the longeivity of the eyeshadows because if it's the colours they are so dupable.Maybe it has to do with the quality but i know cheaper options are not bad either and one thing i know is some people like to jump on the bandwagon whether they've seen reviews or not.

3.Milk of Magnesia:I recommend this to people but i don't own it.I know it works and this is one product i will make an
exception because i will still buy it,i just haven't found where to and for a good price.

4.Real Techniques brush set:i remember how bad i wanted this brushes but once i discovered where to get my brushes,i haven't dreamt of them since.
I will have a shop page on the blog soon and i will have brushes on there-soft,dense,pretty brushes for sale.

5.Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade:Beauty bloggers and vloggers just waved this on screen like we couldn't use pencils again.It just makes you wonder when you're filling in your brows with pencil if
you're doing something wrong.lol! 
Anyway along came the hegai&esther brow gel which sells for like half the price plus its a Nigerian brand.Winning!Support ya own.Will do a review on it soon.
You can check them out here www.hegai&esther.com
So tell me have you been tempted to buy any of these and did you give in?Don't be sad if you did.I'm sure you'll get good use out  of
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  1. the beauty blender is actually worth every penny I just got it and that sh*t feels like baby butt,I have RT brushes and they are great-also got some brush from ebay that are similar-they do the same job actually. naked palette and abh brow gel are things I don't think I cn buy, really the prices hmm hmm no go area for me.

  2. lol the naked and the beauty blender was like a must have.. tho i dont have the naked

  3. Nice Post and I've been tempted to but these products but like you, I got a nice beauty blender at a very nice price, no way am I gonna spend that amount for the naked palette/brushes when I ain't a makeup artist as it won't be yielding any income, Sleek and Tara Palettes will do, I've always been tempted to get the Milk of Magnesia which is 2800 on most beauty stores, walked into a Pharmacy Store in PHC and got one at N1850 and I love the way my face stays matte from 6am when I dash out to work till 5 or 6pm, although I touch up with transluscent powder once after lunch. Thinking of getting the Hegai & Esther brow gel but noticed a dab of the MOM on my Eyebrow has kept my eye pencil intact all day.

    1. thats a good one.the mom will help mattify d brws n make whatever you put on them last there longer!

  4. Got the beauty blender and I am so glad I got it...blends my concealer so well!!
    The dupes weren't doing it for me

  5. i dont think i will get this brow pomade, lol

    i so prefer the hegai and esther brow gel or my mabrook pencil


  6. I can totally relate to this post. Original beauty blender, abh brow pomade and naked palettes i don't have, why? cos I have fabulous dupes that work for me. As for the real techniques brushes, I have all ( covers face). Milk of magnesia, i had to stop using it, my oily face started getting dry and cracked. I'll rather manage my oily skin than deal with dry and cracked face.

    Nice post dear.... now following your blog.

    1. thank you chloe.I've been following your blog for the longest time,i just never comment.


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