My Wishlist 2015: Makeup,Tech..others!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How you doing? *in my wendy williams voice.I know we all have those things we hope to own soon or someday no matter how big or how small so i put together my list.I haven't done a wishlist post in ages and God knows this one is just one tenth of the original wishlist *covers face-its not "ojukokoro",its just that there are so many beautiful things in this life,what can one do?
but let's discuss the ones i put together.

So since i started uploading youtube videos its very natural for me to look into a lot of things like lighting,video quality,editing and the likes and there's a starter pack actually.Its a lot though but we're getting there..So number one..

1.Canon Rebel T3i or T5i: Not like i know much about cameras,lenses,ISO blah blah blah but i watch a lot of youtube videos and i noticed many with the quality 
i like state that they use either of this cameras so one has to be mine.

2.Tripod stand:This one is already on my konga wishlist.Helps so i can film anywhere in my home instead of just where my camera can sit.
3.Diva Ring Light:Still on the youtube matter.I told you there was a starter pack.Right now i film on those good days when the sun is happy enough to come out to play.The closest ive seen this is on is amazon but please if you have any idea where to get this in Lagos please leave a message.Thanks.
4.Acrylic stand:Right now my vanity/makeup area was created desperately by me.Im running out of space to rest my elbows and this will help me lift some things up till i can get good sturdy storage containers.Can IKEA come to Nigeria pleassee?
5.NYX Transylvania and copenhagen: "Alaroro" won't let me close eye and buy them because i have similar shades but they are not matte.That's what happens when you are a calculated makeup buyer.I will still get them,i always delay but at the end i will give in.
6.Kenwood food processor:Its so bad i don't have a food processor now that juicing is the new cool.I use my blender to make smoothies but i need to get this especially for making pounded yam because hubby loves it.
7.Mac Mineralized skin finish:I keep saying what is the difference between this and my tara powder but i realized when you highlight and want to tone it down a notch this helps with that without looking cakey unlike regular powders.
.That's the difference i was looking for so im definitely buying this.
8.Becca Ever Matte Poreless priming perfector:This one is "follow follow" buy.So much rave about this and even though im becoming a fan of dewy looks im not sure how this will work for me.
I don't want to look too matte so i guess minimal will be the way to go.
9.Mac Fix plus:The way ladies hype mac products you'll  just want to buy so im gradually converting.Anthing to tone down a look and take it from powdery to flawless im all for it.
10.Land Rover:(LR3 or LR4) I know rigghhtt??different..The thing that makes me love this car is the fact that its not pretty.
I hate cars with curves and i hate very ugly ones too like hummers-blehh!!.I told my husband i don't need anymore curves,same reason i love trucks too.
What are the things you are looking forward to owning in 2015 or sometime in life?
 **Material things by the way**
Thanks for checking in.
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  1. Amen to all!lol..i love curvy cars though. Uze

  2. All I want this year is a house, car and for my blog, a proper camera!!
    Amen to your wishes love!!


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