LET'S TALK: is life a competition or a race?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hello my people,we are talking today.Today's post of course if you've been on my blog long enough you'll know it's a lot different from my regulars and honestly I have a lot to say on this.I was considering doing a youtube video just so i can talk it out but i changed my mind.I'll keep it short and sweet anyway!!lol..
  So first off there will be a series of posts here called LET'S TALK **applause** but i can't say when exactly ill be doing this types of posts because i don't want to start giving excuses and then i was battling with inconsistency..Its going to change-i know ive said this countless times.
SIDENOTE:I got a beautiful and sexy PC.Im all smiles actually so im going to bring on the posts!
On to the post at hand,so in this day and age social media is the bane of self esteem and its eating deep,like really deep in the lives of young people.All the posts we see of made up girls,decked to a "T",flawless makeup,skin,designer bags,hotel flexing and stuff is all for ig and the rest of them.
Its really not the fault of these women if girls want to be like them and have all they have because they never stated in the caption that they do this even through their struggles and fears.Nobody lets down their guard on social media except it is for the purpose of inspiring others.After that post is up,all the makeup and jewellery goes off and then real life issues will be faced head on,now that's the part we don't see.
Now what does it mean to compete?It is to seek or strive for the same thing,position or reward for which another is striving.What is a race?It's a progressive movement toward a goal.To me it's more realistic to run a race in life as opposed to competing.

Let's take for instance in a marathon,the runners are all geared up and they wear protective gear to equip them for falls or bumps during the race to the finish line even though their speed and agility may differ they've been placed on an equal standpoint.This is a competition as they all have to be trained for it and start at the same point.In life we come from different backgrounds,some are born with silver spoons,some wooden spoons,
some no spoons,some people are born with bad motor skills,some are bipolar,some are born into wealth,some not so much.How then do we compete with one another?
Everything is different and so will all our lives be,our incomes,our expectations,our goals,our famlies,our marriages,some will never have children,some will have more than they wished for.Why then should we be bothered about who comes first and who comes last?Isn't the fact that we are 
so different enough to convince you we would never go at the same pace?
What i know about life is as we go on our journey we will be given choices that will either strengthen or weaken our resolve.
It's our choice to make which we will settle for.When they say do something each day that takes you closer to your dreams,
believe it.It doesn't matter how small because in the world of goals to be reached you have conquered a great feat and that
I'll just stop here but i hope ive been able to reach out to someone and stopped you from feeling inconsquential because 
the next person seems to be doing better.Im guilty of this but the most important thing is realizing that our walks through life are different,revel in your growth,
love,laugh,be nice,believe and have faith..
This is my opinion on this matter,so are you of the opinion that life should be a competition or do you think we should all mind our business and face our lives
squarely till we get to our desired land?
Leave your comments below while i get ready for the next LET'S TALK post.
Thanks for checking in..
DISCLAIMER:This is not a copied post,its an original post written and put together by me (the makeup chiq)
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  1. Nice (lets talk) i will keep up with it. congrats on your pc.
    NEW POST : http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/

  2. Real talk..I think women especially should continuously seek to empower each other by sharing their stories :-)
    People do crazy things..like you see someone with Gucci bags and all you can afford is something tailored fromBalogun market sef. You think theyre doing better coz they got expensive stuff but nothing isf urther from the truth. I think one should simply aspire to be better but in their present situation do what is capable within their means and be happy about it :-)
    Lovely post!

  3. Nice one girl, am so following this post. Kenyan blogger, you are a real chic


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