Classic Valentine Makeup: Bare eyes,Red Lips.

Friday, February 13, 2015

 Happy Valentines day in advance and arrears!Depending on where you are in the world.I'm not going to start with cliche talk about valentines being a day to show love to not just your spouse,bf or lover but a day where you show love to others in need and blah blah blah!! because im sure ya'll know the drill.I just personally feel it acts as a reminder so that even in our busy schedules we are reminded of a day that is set aside to take out time to make people happy especially those who are not in the best of positions or live the most comfortable life.Anyway,i had this look cooked up in my head long before valentine and honestly i almost missed doing a valentine look because i've had so much on my plate these last few days and so i was! I just couldn't skip it though.

 This look is inspired by me,yes!i would wear this out if i had to go out with my hubby and because im a bold lip,lashes and wing liner type of girl and also because i don't wear red lipstick very often so this wasn't done because its a traditional look..or maybe i just love traditional..
 For this look i prepped my eyelids so that they evened out with my skintone since i wasn't going to wear eyeshadow and then i'm wearing  concealer in my waterline(ive been searching for a nude pencil to no avail) to open up my eyes a bit more and make my bottom lashes appear a lot better,i also lined the rim of my bottom lid with a brown pencil so the eyes don't come out dark.I also used this beautiful lashes from a Nigerian makeup artist called Bee Lashes.
 I really wanted to go deeper with my contour since the look wasn't too much..I played up my contour and really worked on making my skin glow.

Revlon colourstay foundation in cappucinno
La pro conceal in toffee to highlight
Ben nye banana and topaz powder to set highlight
Covergirl ebony bronzer to warm up face
Black Opal stick foundation in black walnut to contour
Darkest powder from tara pro powder palette to set contour
Hard candy bronzer 
House of tara pro powder palette to set face
la girl pro conceal in toffee
Black opal single eyeshadow in butterscotch  to set concealer
Ben nye topaz powder to even out eyelid colour
Sleek dip it eyeliner
Bee Lashes in #747m
Maybelline colossal volume mascara
Jordana lipstick in red
Jordana lip liner in dark brown
What look will you be wearing out on valentines day if you go out of course?
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