Wednesday, January 14, 2015

 Salut loves!! so another day,another post.Hope its not getting dry.The harmattan has not been friendly at all and left for me children should start school when its gone because i never want to get out of bed for school runs.These days i wake up almost 30minutes late and the school bus driver gets here and has to wait 5mins or more for me to be done with Grace #smh.I still have a..dont know if i shld call it a rant or just a long talk through post..That will be a break from the norm right?Anyway i wore this look out during the festive season and as usual it was a rush *thanks to my husband*..I was confused on what to do to my eyes so i added a pop of color and it came it uneven which is annoying although it really dint show on my face that day..

Many times i feel like im in a rot,i want to do different type of looks but im stuck reaching out more for my neutral palettes.Im not scared to try color but for some reason i run from it except on certain occasions..
  For some reason im wearing a very straight face in all this photos.I wasn't angry.Im just used to not smiling every time when taking makeup photos..In school a lot of people though i was a snob or a tough girl because i walked the corridors with a very straight face when in the actual sense i'm a softie.
  So how is your week going?Experiencing white legs and cracked lips?Please moisturize and wear lipbalm this season..

Thanks for checking in..

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