My Best Beauty Products of 2014

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Holla loves! so this post is so long overdue .I had it drafted in October but i was kinda waiting till the year ends to post it.Unfortunately Fortunately,i only had the time now and its crossed over to the new year but anyway just to share with you all a few products i picked out from my makeup that i reached out to very often and that i have enjoyed using all the way.Hopefully it helps someone purchase that item you've been putting on hold for the longest time.

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1.Ben Nye Luxury Powder:If my memory serves me right i got the banana shade in 2013 when the rave was still on about it.I did a review HERE .I have gotten to like it so much more since then and i also got to realize that the banana shade is a tad bit light for me so i purchased the topaz which is just  perfect for me even though i mix them both during those periods i feel my complexion has lightened up a bit.

2.Covergirl Ebony Bronzer:This was a very raved about product and because i already had a bronzer i put off buying this for the longest time and i infact got it in the last quarter of the year and it turned out a lot better than my previous bronzer.It has a beautiful shine to it that i love and its not too red on my skin.I feel its just perfect for my skin colour.

3.LA Pro Conceal HD Concealers:ok another raved about product because i always do my research before i buy.Ive loved them since,I use the shades fawn and toffee.Im thinking of getting the shade chestnut for those days i want to tone down my highlight which of course is most days.I did a review HERE

4.Revlon Colourstay Foundation:What more can i say..Read my Review HERE

5.Kabuki Brushes:Review HERE .All my face basics are sorted out since i got them.

6.Elf Powder Brush:Read Review HERE .Don't have this brush yet?What are you waiting for?

7.Vaseline Total Moisture Total Glow:Been using this for a while and to be honest i forget to use it most times for my makeup but whenever im not wearing makeup at home i never leave my face bare,I always use this and it makes my skin feel soft and supple.Its very cheap but contains basic skincare products like glycerin,petrolatum and shea butter.I wish it had SPF though.It would have been perfect for me.Other than that a good buy.

 8.Eco Professional Styling Gel: my crazy edges days are long gone.I always saw reviews on this but never paid attention till i was overdue for a retouch and my hair just kept acting crazy,I then went on a hunt for edge control and i came across reviews of this and i was sold..The one i got is sold out on the website but this is a great choice as well.Get it HERE

9.NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk:This is great for priming your eyes for eyeshadow and if you want your eyeshadow to pop up a lot more than it looks in the palette or pot this is great for that

10.Jordana Matte Lipsticks:These babies saved my ass and pocket this year.The colours are fantastic and they are very affordable.I particularly like the matte ones a lot.I only wish they were easier to find here cos i hardly come across them but when i do i buy as much as i can.

11.Rimmel Stay Glossy in Endless Summer:I got this about 2 months ago and ive been wearing it a lot since then.Im not one to wear glossy lips,i love my mattes but since i got this gloss ive had reasons to do glossy lips because it has the right amount of shine for me and the nude is a type i like..More of a "nudeish-pink".

12.Hard Candy Bronzer in Heat Wave:I got this in December but it was quick to jump into my list,maybe because i just started getting into highlighting my cheek bones but i love it.Its not too bright a highlight but its gold enough to be noticed and it looks better with time too.Once it warms up to my skin its so beautiful.

Are there any products on this list you purchased or are thinking of purchasing?
Are there any other products you loved in 2014?..Please share!

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  1. I really need to get this Revlon Foundation.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year!

  2. That elf brush is indeed a fave of mine too.
    Nice Blog.


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