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Sunday, January 04, 2015

 Happy new year again everyone!So im going to be posting a lot more this year hopefully.Its not a resolution though.By the way im sure a lot of people made resolutions.Do i believe in making them?not really! but I do believe that a new year seems like a new beginning or a new page so it does make me want to change a few things.Ill probably discuss the changes im making in a new type of post im drafting.I wore this look last year and im just posting cos ive had a few things going on especially during the festive season.Im an introvert but i went out a lot in December so i have quite a few looks i did,most of which I had my husband standing over me because we were running late which I totally hate because I always end up forgetting to do something.

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Eye palette-Ushas colour crush palette (green)
Lips-Jordana nude and rimmel endless summer  gloss
Lahes-red cherry #43
Every other product used are my regulars you'll find in previous posts.

If you want to see any other types of looks please leave a comment.I'm willing to try out other colors instead of the ones I like.
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