Black Velvet

Friday, December 19, 2014

  Hola my people,how are you guys preparing for christmas?Looks like mine is going to be so much fun.God has been good to my family and it keeps getting better. So this is another look i did a long time ago and just came across the photos.Please o how possible is it for me to never smoothen my photos before i post.I just realized that i have an app that smoothens out photos and i never thought to use it.
Looks like i trust in my abilities way too much.Anyway,henceforth i shall do so,afterall even the best of the best still bless us with all the filters and edits in this world but please don't look too hard,the job is still!
for some reason i look washed out here *like a vampire*

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So since we entered the last quarter of the year ive been yearning for dark lipsticks and i found this on one of those days i was looking around in a makeup store and i had heard about this lipsticks.I only owned one ever and it was a nude one many many years ago so i bought it.
i like my brows bold no doubt..

 I noticed a lot of women shy away from dark colours.Is it about not being bold enough?..and the few who say they can will do so for a night look.Like i told my sister when she said she din't like me on dark lipsticks i only have one life to live and i wont spend it wearin nudes and pinks.It gets boring!
I dont remember many of the products used for this look cos i did it a long time ago but this i remember..

Lipstick-Island Beauty Black Velvet
Eyes-Bh cosmetics neutral and blush palette

Would you ever wear a shade like this in the daytime?

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  1. ur makeup is so flawless! LOVE! plus u'r wearing one of my fave lipstick haha! :)

  2. Just stumbled on your blog and am loving it! Lovely makeup

  3. Dark lippys are so hot but I'm not brave enough to rock them yet.
    Your makeup is flawless xx

  4. I love dark colours, I tend to have then on more than bright ones. Love the look, can't wait to recreate.


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