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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Hola Amigos,lol..will be saying this very often(too much of dora the explorer).Im very much alive just incase ure wondering.Ive just had a lot going on and I agree I will definitely not be a nominee for most consistent blogger(*fail) but anyway I still love this blog and im not leaving it anytime soon..Anyway as you can see from the post title I dumped my mary kay for revlon(my new boo).Its performed so well so far.Its a 30ml/1Fl.oz product.Im in the shade 410 Capucinno and I got the oily/combination one but there are the ones for dry/normal skin..

So this is what revlon says
-Looks and feels fresh all day
-Soft flex provides all day comfort
-Oil free shine
-Natural flawless look
-Transfer resistant
So this is what I have to say;
This foundation is truly lightweight and its so thin you will almost feel it wont cover or even out much.For me its a medium coverage foundation.It does feel comfortable like they said probably because of how light it is.It also stays true to its claim of being a shine control.I thought of getting the milk of magnesia since my mary kay oil mattifier stays on nt too long but I held off on it so I can test the shine control of this baby and it dint dissapoint.I was out a particular day from 11am n got back at 9pm and I wasnt oily,maybe sweaty yes but not oily or maybe just a little. 
Blended out on the right

It is transfer resistant so yes when u mop up with a handkerchief or a blotting paper you don't see so much brown come out which can be annoying but with this and coupled with the fact that  I use a setting spray I hardly get any product when I mop or dab on my face..
The down side may be that it has an awkward smell when u open the bottle like paint and alcohol bt you dont smell it afterwards once it's gotten on your face.

It doesn't have a pump so its annoying to have to pour it out on the back of my hand when I want to use it but I can deal with that.
One thing I advise is to shake properly before use.I also noticed it warms up well after a while so it might look off when u hv it on at first but before ure done with your makeup it oxidizes and blends in so well with your skin.
Rating: 8/10 (because im stingy with marks)
Im still on d lookout for better up for new ones to try out but for now ill be using this.
Where to purchase-

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  1. Haaa, good review just when i was planning to also dump my Marykay to Revlon after using up this last tube. definitely making the move. Thanks

  2. Heard a lot of good things abt this Revlon Color Stay.
    Been planning to make the big switch from Mar Kay to Revlon.
    This is the shove I needed to do it. Lol
    Thanks for the review

    1. Gd.jst be sure to research ur shade cos the shades can be tricky. .

  3. I thought I was the only one planning to make a big switch from MaryKay to Revlon! Its just that I don't know the shade that will fit me perfectly.

    1. Im pretty sure ull b a mix of caramel and cappuccino. .maybe qty mixing might differ bt definitely those 2 together.

  4. If your match to MAC you can use it to google your shade in REVLON if not use your Marykay foundation shade to find out..

    1. Thnks ify..unfortunately tht wnt help cos im in btw 2 shades..this and d light one before till they make a shade in btw im stuck mixing 2 shades


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