How to wear Matte Lipsticks on dry/chapped lips

Friday, November 14, 2014

 Hello loves,how has the month of November been going?So I have this very informative post for you guys.All the while ive been wearing makeup i pay close attention to the things i have issues with and always figure out ways to deal with them and make life easier for myself.
  So sometimes people complain about their matte lipsticks being too dry or making their chapped or dry lips so pronounced.Well i just figured out a way to make your matte lip products come out smooth and flawless and this is my method.Been doing this and so Ill show this steps with pictures..Enjoy!
these are my lips and i dont have dry lips but this process works for those with dry/chapped as well as others.

Apply a lip balm all over your lips(i use crazy stick but you can use eos,chapet, maybelline baby lips or even vaseline just as long as it has petrolatum in it).This conditions your lips and softens any cracks or dry patches.
Use your baby wipes or any gentle tissue to gently wipe off that balm.Do so gently.This will help make your lips a little fuller and plump.After taking it off let your lips dry out a little especially if you used baby wipes.
my lips after taking off the lip balm.
now wear your matte lipstick and watch it glide on like a dream without being dry but still maintaining its matte nature..The difference btw wearing a lip balm before your matte lipstick and this method is that with this your lipstick still looks matte but when you go in first with a balm you make your lipstick come out creamy instead of matte so depending on which you want go ahead and choose.
Voila!! End result.Hope you'll try this.
Till my next post

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