How to:Fill in and highlight your brows

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hi hi,so ive been thinking of doing a series of pictorials just so im not looking fabulous is the first of such and there will be more .So lets get with it..
From L-R: foundation,eyebrow pencil In 003,La girl pro conceal in toffee,spoolie,angled eye shadow brush,round kabuki brush.

Your eyebrows should be brushed out to straighten any curled hairs.
Draw a line underneath your brow following the already existent hairline you have(this should be when your brows have been tweezed,waxed or shaved)

Now brush the top hairs down.This is so important for me because I want to have a smooth area to draw in that line.I dont want to have hairs in the way as this could make your line very irregular.

Now fill in the upper part of your brows still following your natural hairline or if you are a pro you can create the highest part of ur arch yourself. 

Brush your hairs back in place with the spoolie and fill in with the pencil using light strokes(you dnt want it too dark and unnatural) and leave out the beginning so it has a type of gradient and looks natural.Now we are ready to highlight and clean up the brows.
What I do is brush repeatedly with my spoolie to take out excess pencil and to blend out the lines I have on the brows so it comes out with a smooth finish.

This is the qty of concealer I use and thats because concealer is thick so I dnt need much.Im going in with my angled eyeshadow brush.This is my preference. It varies with individuals. Use what is comfortable for you as long as you get the best results.

I clean out all the stray pencil and then try to blend out those harsh lines as much as I can.

I use my round kabuki brush to completely blend out.

Not forgetting the top.even though im still goin to wear foundation all over my face so that will definitely be blended out.
Brows are done

I hope this pictorial helped.
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. So nice and easy. That's the simple way I do mine.

  2. WOW you are a pro, love how the highlight literally transforms the whole look! x x

  3. I am not into skinny brows so i will love to try this look

  4. Lovely tutorial. Try using a flat brush to blend the concealer and foundation. It works better.

  5. really nice tutorial, thank you


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