How I wash my beauty blender

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Hello my people, so many of us have jumped the beauty blender bandwagon.Well I have, I jump on wagons that are affordable for me and that serve a good purpose so yes!! When I got my beauty blender it was for the purpose of blending my under eye concealer and blending foundation into those hard to reach corners of my face where my brush is a tad big to go.

I usually wash it with my hair shampoo and most times because the products have really soaked in I wont be able to get it all out so i just leave it as it is.One day after taking out my makeup, I used my scrub on my face to take out what was left and it occurred to me that because of the grains/seeds I could use it on my blender.

I did that immediately.I used a little shampoo first and water to wash for the first time then after squeezing a little bit I poured the scrub on it and with a massaging motion I kept rubbing it all over the blender.I could see all the product come off but i kept at it till i was sure there was no more product left.I rinsed and I cant tell you how happy i was, my blender was as clean as new and it smelled nice too.
I just had to share.I discovered this about an month ago and I decided to share now cos I kept postponing.

Let me know when you try this.
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Wow, I never thought of that but that is a great idea! I will be trying that, although I won't use hair shampoo I'll be using what I use for my makeup brushes, a mild dish washing detergent. I've read it's better for the skin and it actually is better at removing oil. thanks for the post!


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