Review:Mary Kay Oil Mattifier

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hi guys, so I want to do a review on a product i absolutely love and it gives me joy that I can wear my makeup for long hours without shining in some areas on my face.Its the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier.
What Mary Kay says: This lighweight formula dries to a natural, matte finish and controls shine for at least 8 hours.Apply sparingly on shine-prone areas after moisturizer.Allow to dry.Reapply as needed.
My honest opinion:This is a great product.Ive been putting it on hold for the longest time because I wasnt sure it was going to work for me (believing I had the oilest face on earth).I had to  buy it when I got tired of looking for solutions and I refused to jump on the Milk of Magnesia wagon after I read some side effects it could bring.It is lightweight as the pack says which is so important because we I still have sunscreen,foudation, concealer and powder going on the same face so I don't need a heavy product at all.

 Its a pearly-pink 17ml tubed product and has a pointed tip so you can control quantity.A little is required.I personally apply a little all over then let it dry and then I go in once more on my t zone and cheeks because those are the parts where I shine the most.
 I wore this from 12 noon till 8pm and my makeup stayed on like a dream.I was shocked when I kept checking and I wasn't getting oily.Yes, when it got  hot and sweaty I had sweat but once I dabbed with a handkerchief I din't find any oil on my face.
It is whitish when applied but blends out to a smooth colourless finish and becomes matte.*please dont mind my picture above, I was in a hurry *
 Another thing is its really affordable for me. (I cant speak for everyone).
Price:N1500/$10 approx.
 Will I buy this again?
Yes ke!! And again and again.
Where I got this from :A store near my house.Its pretty popular.

Hope this helped?
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. To me its more like a moisturizer than an oil mattifier.I don't reach out for it.

    1. Really? That was my fear earlier on.Some people said it never worked for them..Im glad to be one of those it worked for.

  2. i need to get this asap...i'm so scared of using my MOM

    1. You should hun..I never bought MOM.I planned to though.

    2. Hello Lady i tagged you in a fun post on my BLOG
      Pls check it out.

  3. Make up is rocket science to me. I stayed a tom boy for far too long and only just started girling out for oga. Do I miss the male clothes wardrobe? So much but im slowly learning make up!!! And. I. Like. It. Haha great review. Makes me want to run out looking for it except I'm not a huge Mary Kay fan.

    1. Oh, thank you for reading. Oh makeup isnt that hard, you have to really want it though.As for being a mary kay fan, all you want is a product that works and wont break you out right?


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