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Sunday, June 15, 2014

  Hi loves,so im here again with another recipe.As many of you know im from the Eastern part of Nigeria and my husband is from the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.I have lived all of my life in Lagos(Western-Nigeria) and he the most part of his life so we are always open to try all sorts of Western foods and others too.So,one day he comes home and says he wants to eat efo-riro which is a Western-Nigerian soup and i was a little reluctant because i dont even remember my mum making efo-riro ever but i did my research,put in my customization and it came out perfect(for him).
 So here goes:

  • Vegetable(spinach)
  • Tomatoes
  • Atarodo
  • Bushmeat 
  •  Cowleg
  • Onions
  • Maggi Chicken Cube
  • Palmoil
  • Crayfish
  • Salt
  • Smoked fish
  • Iru(African locust beans)
 After removing the leaves from the stalks i cut it a little with my hands instead of a knife then I put the spinach in hot water.Its kinda like blanching it but i think this is naija styleIt just helps to soften the leaves but still not letting it loose its nutrients.When it starts to boil i take it out and then cut it into tinier parts.
 This is the iru.i blended it with a blender mill
 Salt,my favourite seasoning Maggi chicken and ground crayfish(small ones)
 Ground tomatoes and pepper put on the fire to dry

onions and sorted smoked fish
 Here i had drained the water from the spinach and cut them tinier with a knife
bushmeat and cowleg

 I put my palm oil in a dry pot and let it bleach(heating till oil becomes transparent and thin)  and then poured in my sliced onions and left the onions till it became transparent.
 Next i put my already dried tomatoes and pepper,maggi,salt,iru,crayfish and smokedfish and left for about 5 minutes.

 My cooked cowleg and bushmeat went in next and i left for about 2 minutes
 Then i poured in my sliced spinach and stirred till it was evenly spread.I Took it off the fire and let the heat do the rest of the cooking.
 Efo Riro is ready to be downloaded ;-)
 You can serve with eba,pounded yam,fufu,semovita,wheat,rice etc  and you can also eat it alone as it is very filling and rich too.

Thanks for checking in.

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