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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Lol at my post title.I posted how i cook my fried rice some time ago and yeah that was my first time and I know people have their own opinions but pls when you comment tell me like you are suggesting  and not like you feel thats how i should do it or that your opinion is right.I get a lot of nasty comments which ive decided to always post and then give the person their own dose of what i feel.Thanks for complying.
 I'll first of all say this meal was awesomely delicious,my hubby smacked his lips and gave me a hi-five.It was that good.I wanted to make fried rice a few days ago and so i bought my canned swwet peas and canned green peas and then fresh carrots and runner beans but they got soft and brown before i made up my mind to cook it.I woke up this morning and just started thinking about fried rice and so i got to it after getting fresh veggie supplies.

Green peas(canned)
Runner beans(fresh)
Sweet Corn (canned)
Fried rice spice
Groundnut oil
Diced Liver

*Forgive me but i dnt have all the pictures of my step by step because i made up my mind late to put this on the blog.

Procedure in pictures
i had parboiled my rice till it was still a little bit hard and not too soft.Just the right balance between hard and soft.

my turkey was cooked and i chose not to fry or grill

i fried my onions,carrot and green peas in enough oil to go round the rice

here i put in my canned green peas without the brine and my sweet corn

here my diced liver,fried rice spice,maggi,a little curry and enough salt since i dint salt the rice at all had gone in and i kept stirring

then i poured in my turkey gravy and allowed to boil for a while

my already parboiled rice went in next and i stirred continuously till my fried ingredients had gone round enough

the finished product
What was different?
In my first post i din't parboil my rice and so it required me to add some more water apart from the gravy which made it not as tasty as this was.
I used all canned products in the first post but here my carrots and runner beans are fresh even though im still trying to figure out if it tastes any different.

Anything you feel i should add or change to make this meal taste or look better?pls let me know in the comment box.

thanks for checking in.

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  1. looks yummy ma'am.....looks far better than d last one....i'm almost sure it tastes better too. i see u took my suggestion about the fresh veggies..... thumbs up......

  2. Looks deliciaso! Bet it tasted yummy too :)

  3. thanks so much anon,yes i definitely took ur advise on that and it turned out perfect.
    thanks all.

  4. pls add new stuff to your blog i visit every day is d same fried rice remix.


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