Cheechee Cooks:Moi-Moi(bean cake)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

hi loves,just a quick post to show u hw i made moi moi aka bean cakes.Its a proteinous diet with lots of vitamins and iron depending on what u used to make it.I used sardines this time around unlike the regular titus fish i boil and take out the bones.I wanted to try something else and since my mum attested to the fact that sardine was great in moi-moi i gave it a try.
about to blend with a few leftover prawns,pepper and onions

after blending

i love anything maggi


crayfish,maggi ginger and garlic,maggi chicken,salt,pepper,vegetable oil

i mash my sardines so i dnt have any large ones
stirred all the ingredients in

palm oil has been added

plates are oiled and ready.i oil so the beans doesnt stick to the plates
i use a deep spoon to serve into the plates

how i arranged them in the pot
moimoi ready and delicious

how do u make yours?im down to trying new things.

thanks for checking in.

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  1. cheechee, this is nice. will try it most def. been on ur blog all day. Kip it up

    1. thanks hadeejah,ppl like u keep me goin.bless

  2. Wow, looks pretty amazing, I have never tried this before. Would love to, great post!

    1. u shld tastes more delicious than it looks

  3. Cheechee are you in Africa? if so im JEALOUS, big time!! love your sandals.

    1. yes i am dear,nigeria to be precise.thnks for coming here.

  4. great work, but ve u tried it with the leaf? u should learn and try it, it's more yummy than the plastic.


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