Cheechee Cooks:Fried Rice,Diced plantain and fried chicken

Thursday, June 27, 2013

hi guys,so another day another meal.This was my first time of cooking fried rice in my life.I always felt it was a big deal til i made up my mind this past Sunday to prepare it as a Sunday special.

Curry(spice supreme)
Green peas(can)
Sweet corn(can)
Carrot,Runner beans(can)
Fried rice spice(spice supreme)
Vegetable oil

The Procedure in photos

boiling my chicken with maggi salt curry and onions

liver and ingredients

raw rice

about to parboil rice
rice is parboiled and i have drained the water

i poured in the chicken stock and a little salt

almost dried

i started frying my onions in vegetable oil
i poured in my green peas and sweet corn.i dint include the water in the cans.i also poured my fried rice spice here enough to go round the rice

here i have added the can with carrots,runner beans etc and  i put in my already cooked liver
i poured the fried veggies into the rice and mixed

chicken frying
fried,i dnt do very brown chicken

decided to do diced plantain this time
food ready to be served

the mistake i made was i added some more water to my chicken stock forgetting i was going to parboil my rice so i just needed little more water to cook it completely after parboiling as it was already a bit soft.I would have wanted the rice to come out not as soft as it was and although it was very tasty if i hadn't put in more water in the stock it would have been a lot more tastier.
Do you make yours differently?

thanks for checking in

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  1. I cook mine the same way but with fresh veggies cos I think it has more flavour. Then for the parboiling d rice: make sure d water to be used is boiling b4 u add ur rice, once u've poured in d rice, leave to boil for anoda say 4-5minutes and drain. Apart from these things I've said, I think dat fried rice is sumptous. Can I have some chicken and plantain.*smile*

    1. thanks a lot winifred.all taken down.and yes u can have some..

  2. I usually cook my fried rice this way or 2 other ways -
    1) I wash the rice thoroughly and then boil in the chicken stock, I dont allow it get soft, while i stir-fry my vegetables, chopped livers, shrimps/sausages/chicken in a wok or different pot


    2) I fry the rice, basically, pour a little oil in a big pot, add my rice directly into the pot, stir and without letting the rice get burnt, start pouring in my stock slowly and as needed. When the rice is cooked enough to my taste, I pour in my already stir-fried vegetable et all and stir well - voila!

    PS: sorry for my long comment lol

    1. noted.thanks so much.will work on doing this.

  3. The food looks really good, I've only made fried rice once also, and It came out really good. Dunno if you remember me, didn't know you had a blog. Nice blog by the way :).

    1. thanks hunnay.of course i remember following ur blog immediately.nice blog too.

  4. Hmmm. Yummy


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