Cheechee Cooks:Okro soup(local dish)

Monday, March 04, 2013

here's another food post.Im an okro soup fan and i like to cook it because my baby girl loves it.So here goes.
i boil my meat till it's soft

i put in my sorted dryfish and stockfish

i already had my okro chopped
my ugwu is being washed with salt
when my meat is cooked i put some crayfish,maggi,salt and pepper

then pour in some palm oil and leave to cook for about 10mins
then my okro goes in next
i leave to cook for sometime but not for long
then i put mu ugwu next and remove almost immediately

i stir off the fire and let the heat cook it

soups packed and ready to be stored

thanks for checking in

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  1. See as you just finish me with hunger this afternoon.

  2. thanks for this post, I cook mine slightly different but i will try your method and see how it goes :)

  3. looks yum!!! I'm a huge fan of Okra too :)


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