Cheechee Cooks:Oha Soup(local dish)

Monday, March 04, 2013

hi darls,so im here with another food post..i cook a lot cos i'm married to a man who loves food and variety too.This soup is an Eastern Nigerian soup and i learnt how to cook it from my mum though im not too sure about that cos i was a bit stubborn when it came to entering the kitchen to watch my mama cook that i still wonder how i got to learn how to cook all the things i know how to.Well here's my step by step for cooking oha soup.Enjoy!
i boil my meat first till it's soft but not too soft  cos it will still cook while the soup is on fire

my dryfish and (handsome)stockfish in hot water
dryfish and stockfish sorted out

the 2 different veggies(left-oha and right-uziza)
ground crayfish

here my meat is cooked and reasonably soft so i pour in some crayfish

then i pour in my palm oil and allow to cook for about 3mins
this is what the igbos call ogiri or locust bean in english.its for flavour and smells horrible when it hasn't entered the pot

it is wrapped with so many leaves for preservation purposes

this is it after all the unwrapping
i dissolve it in water before putting into the soup so it doesn't get missing in the soup whole

my trusted seasoning(maggi crayfish)

i put a little pepper and salt

this is achi(its a thickner and is needed because the veggies for this soup dnt fill up the soup.

after pouring my achi in this is how it'll look(like thick gravy)

i allow it cook for about 10  mins or more cos i hear its causes stomach upset when it's not well cooked

i pour in my uziza first cos it's stronger
and then my oha goes in last

soup is ready

rested and ready to be served
thanks for checking in

DISCLAIMER:i am in no affiliation with Maggi.I wasn't paid to advertise the product.

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  1. yummy! i tried making this like 3weeks ago, bought dry oha leaves from the african store here in houston and it turned out so so; i put too much ogiri and the dried leaves were still strong even after it was soaked and i put too much of it and it soaked up my soup :( I guess will try it again this time


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