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Sunday, February 24, 2013

hi darls,hw's the weekend going?so i hv a few confessions to make.At this point in my life i'm extremely selective,i cook so much but can hardly eat what i cook.I'd rather have someone prepare food for me or i just junk which i know isn't healthy.I have never been the type to say oh! im going to eat healthy cos i always break the rules especially since my coke cravings have kicked in.It's horrible cos i have to fight it so bad so im not taking in so much sugar and gas.It is difficult i must say,another thing im addicted to right now is milk and coffee creamer,I've been taking this for about a week every night.I'm also addicted to the Ellen DeGeneres show i dnt miss it :-) and i have  special love for that woman.Well on to what this post is about,i made my best soup today and decided to share with you,i love vegetable soup so much cos it's so rich cos of the amount of veggies you put in it and all the fish and for those that use periwinkles which i dnt use for no reason,maybe laziness.So here's my step by step..
boiling my meat.i use onion,maggi chicken,meat tenderizer and salt

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ugwu or pumpkin leaf

dryfish and stockfish in hot water to soften them take out dirt
maggi,salt and crayfish

my secret of good cooking(can't do without it)
here my meat is soft so i cut another bulb of onions into the pot

stockfish has been washed and sorted
dryfish has been washed and sorted

i pour the dryfish and stockfish into the pot and let it boil for about 5mins
then i put in my crayfish

palmoil(straight from the village)
i've poured in my might be tempted to put some more water but because of the water in the veggies ur soup might end up watery

cameroon pepper(i use it cos its really peppery and it smells nice)

after my palmoil has cooked for about 10 minutes i out in my ugwu and turn so it gets to the bottom and mixes well with the settled ingredients

about 3mins after i put my waterleaf in

i have stirred the waterleaf in here
i leave for about 2mins or less

then i serve my lovely self(i still had that little water i tried to avoid cos i dnt drain my veggies for long)

vegetable soup is ready and tastes wonderful
hope u liked!
thanks for checking in.

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  1. Hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it! Great post..looks delicious .would you like to follow each other?

  2. This looks very nice! I need to learn how to make these dishes!!

    1. Thanks.yeah you do.will work on more posts.thnks again

  3. Love the fact that it's not oily! Looks healthy! well done babes


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